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119.90 ₪

12 Personal Cake Pan

A pan made up of 12 personal cake molds. Great for baking muffins, or any other personal cakes.  Pan dimensions: 30x38 cm Mold: height - 7.5 cm, diameter - 8.5 cm. 

249.90 ₪

Baguette Mold

Special mold for baking baguettes. Can bake up to 3 baguettes at a time. Mold has holes in it in order to create a hard crust all around the baguette.  

99.90 ₪

Heart shaped bunt pan

High quality teflon coated bunt pan in the shaped of a heart. Perfect for baking cakes for special occasions. .

199.90 ₪

Chess cake pan

A set of 3 pans with extra piece that seperates the different colors of the cake to easily make a Chess Cake. Just bake 3 cakes in 2 contrasting colors place  them one on top of the other with cream in between each layer, and you get a

119.90 ₪