Square fruity cheese mousse

Special cheese mousse filled with fruits and fillings, innovative and original in design. Here you can watch step by step how to prepare this special dish, so it will come out exactly like the picture!


 1 1⁄2 cups sugar

 3 cups milk

 500g of cheese

 2 containers of cream

3 cups Rich

 1 box cheese stabilizer

 For the filling

 1 box of kiwi stuffing

 1 Box of Pineapple Filling

 1 Box of frozen blackberries

 1 Box of frozen cherries

 2 silicone molds - No. 080

 Oven-sized aluminum pan

 2 baking papers




Mix powdered stabilizer and sugar, add milk and mix.

 Beat together cream and Rich until firm. Add cheese and mix gently.

 Mix the two mixtures into a smooth batter.


 How to prepare the ice cream

 Place a sheet of baking paper in the aluminum pan, put the silicon template in it so that the cavities face down and the bulges face up.


Pour the ice cream on the pan, smooth and spread the ice cream so that it gets into all the gaps between main squares.


Smooth with sliding plate and freeze for several hours in a deep freeze.


When the ice cream is frozen well, place it on the baking paper and turn the pan so the ice cream is on the bottom and the silicon is on top.

Remove the silicone, working quickly so the ice cream does not melt, cut the ice cream into a large square with four smaller squares inside it.

Freeze the ice cream until your ready to serve it.


How to prepare the dessert

 Dilute the kiwi stuffing in half a cup of water. Dilute the pineapple filling the same way.

Put a spoonfull of Kiwi stuffing into one of the squares. Put a spoonful of Pineapple filling on the diagonal opposite square, fill the 2 remaining squares with frozen fruit.


You can prepare the ice cream first and freeze it, but you should add the fruit closer to when you will be serving it.