Pistachio Nougat Terrine

Mousse served in a unique and surprising way! Easy to make and very impressive! Here you can watch how to make this special mousse, step by step, so that it looks just like the picture ...


Nougat Mousse

1 powdered nougat mousse

2 cups Rich 

3/4 cup Coffee Rich

Pistachio Mousse

2 cups Rich 

3 tablespoons of halva cream

1/2 teaspoon pistachio extract

50g chopped pistachio

A Little bit of green food coloring

1 special terrine mold

Slide Strip

2 pastry bags

For the Icing

200g dark pralines

1 cup Rich

1 teaspoon instant coffee

1 tablespoon liqueur

For the chocolate decoration

Decorative silicon mold Delcour

100 grams of chocolate flavored compound

2 tablespoons Icecober




Melt the chocolate, melt the Icecober cream, mix and fill the decorative silicon mold. Smooth and freeze.

Prepare the icing: Partially melt the bitter praline and mix it with the slightly warmed Rich until it is melted.Mix the instant coffee and liqueur and put it aside so it will harden

Cut the slide strips according to the size of the sides and base of the Terrine pan and glue to the sides and base.

Prepare the nougat mousse: Beat all the ingredients at high speed for several minutes.

Prepare the pistachio mousse: Beat the Rich until you see a stable foam then add the remaining ingredients and mix gently.

Fill a pastry bag full of nougat mousse and squeeze a layer into the terrine mold. You should comb it with a comb.

Fill a pastry bag with pistachio mousse and sqeeze another layer. You should comb it with a comb, close the pan and deep freeze for 24 hours.

Remove from the freezer and cut into individual portions.

Squeeze an icing rose onto each portion and pin a chocolate decoration.

A special and surprising portion!